"The Secret Conversation"

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Have you ever felt so worried that your nights become sleepless?  You awake in the morning with your head feeling heavy and with your eyes ever so drowsy.  Your spirit feels worn out and your soul is uneasy.  You feel as if you were awake for a thousand nights, because as you sleep, your mind is running so fast that it gets no time to rest.  

While you sleep and while you are awake, you are caught in the stress of life.  You are wondering about this and wondering about that.  You are thinking, when will it get better and when will I be relieved?  You are seeking council from family and friends, but even they, have provided no solution to bring it all to an end.

You say to yourself, how long can I continue to function this way, until you finally decide to get up in the middle of the night to pray.  Your soul makes an immediate connection and your heart begins to feel peace.  Your mind begins to ease and your stress begins to release. 

You realize that what you needed was to reconnect with God All Mighty, as with Him, you find strength, humility, and peace.  With Him, you find the answers for all that life has and continues to throw at you.  And finally, you found the One, with whom you can always stay connected to.

My beloved brother and sisters, stay connected to Allah by praying to Him when humanity is asleep.  Pray to Him and utilize this special time to find the secret of life, a conversation that changes human beings.  A conversation with the One, who will once again, bring your life peace.

Today's reminder was inspired by the following words which were shared with me through Facebook. 

'When the night becomes long and doesn't end
And worry keeps you up at night to the point of drowning
Then converse in secret with the beautiful one [Allah] who is exalted and distinct
And ask him to lighten your sleeplessness'

May Allah bless you all,

AbdurRazzaq Abu Sumayyah Lebron 

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