"Live Consciously"

            My brothers and sisters, “Is it not enough for whoever has death for a destiny, dust for a bed, worms for companions, munkar and nakir for visitors, the grave as a shelter, the Day of Judgment for an appointed time and either paradise or hell as a final dwelling place, to give much thought and consideration to all of this and prepare for it?”

            This is why Abdullah ibn Umar related that the Prophet (sAws) said, “Hearts grow rusty just as iron does when it is exposed to water.”  On being asked what keeps them clean he replied, “Much remembrance of death and recitation of the Quran.” (Narrated by At-Tirmthi) 

            My beloved brothers and Sisters, our hearts at times have hardened, because they are so involved in living, that we tend to forget that we will all one-day die, and that everything previously mentioned will become our reality.

           That one day, we will be in the grave, lying upon the dirt covered floor, covered in worms, being questioned by Munkar and Nakir, and awakened to be question by the Sublime, thereafter entered into the destination that we have earned through our actions in this world, paradise or hell.  We need to prepare for the reality of this day.

             It is because of this, that One of the scholars advised saying, “Being around people when they are on the verge of death, thereby witnessing the agonies of death, their worries and struggles, softens the heart of the individual who sees and experiences all of this.  Whoever is not moved by such a disturbing situation will not be helped by any advice.”

             My beloved brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to live, but watch how you live.  Visit the sick, because one day that could be you.  Visit the dead, because one day that will be you.  Remind yourself, “I will not live forever and what have I done to prepare for that day?” 

             Many buy insurance, so as to prepare for the day that they will die, but have you purchased the insurance of Iman (faith), the insurance of remembrance, the insurance of submission and obedience?  My beloved brothers and sisters, live life, but just don’t live life to the point of being blinded or forgetful that you will one day die.  Do not be afraid to live, but watch how you live.  

May Allah bless you all,

AbdurRazzaq Abu Sumayyah Lebron 

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