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IslamInSpanish: A New Era of Diverse Inclusion

The growing Latinx inclusion and influence in the U.S. is forcing global companies to fine-tune their strategies to capture this multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and global audience.

How is the Muslim-American community adjusting to this reality?

Join a diverse panel of academics, media producers, women, and community leaders as they discuss inclusion based on a recent Vice documentary about IslamInSpanish entitled

"Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam"

This Panel conversation will demystify what it's like to become a powerhouse global story pioneering a new era of diversity and inclusion inside and outside the American-Muslim community.

Saturday August 31 at the GRB Room 320B, 2-3:30pm



IslamInSpanish has become the voice of the Muslim community in the Spanish language by being the main local point of contact for news outlets of the major Spanish-speaking television channels such as Univision, Telemundo, CNN in Spanish, BBC, and other print media such as the Houston Chronicle, Semana, and others.

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VICE came to visit the Only Latino Led Islamic Center In The US to take a look at the growing Latino Muslim community. They spent 5 days in Houston with us and covered different people from the community as well as a near by church and RICE University Professor Dr. Craig Considine to get their take on this new phenomenom.

Raul Sanchez - A Latino from Mexico accepted Islam and had some difficulties early on after telling his family about his new way of life. This video shows how patience and trust in God can make unimaginable things happen for you. Watch the video and please share it with your friends and family. It may inspire them. God bless.

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