"Be with the Angels"

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Brothers and sisters, go back into your old neighborhoods to mention the name of Allah, so that perhaps, Allah will allow the angels to come down and bless those areas and their inhabitants.  The prophet said,

There is a group of angels who travel over the earth.  They search for the people who mention the name of Allah.  When they find a group of people doing this, they call each other, "here is what you are looking for." Then they come and cover that group with their wings until they are stacked up to the lowest heaven.  

Allah then asks them (the angels) - although He knows better than them, "what are My worshippers saying?"  They reply, "They exalt You, revere You, praise You, glorify You, and beg of You."  Allah then asks, "Have they seen me?" They reply, "No."  He then asks, "What would have they done if they could see Me?"  The angels reply, "They would then be even busier in their worship, praise, exaltation, and glorification of You."

Then Allah asks, "What do they ask of Me?" The angels reply, "They ask for Jennah." Allah says, "Have they seen it?"  They reply, "No."  Allah states, "What would they have done if they had seen it."  The angels reply, "Had they seen it, the would desire it more eagerly, and would work harder to reach it." 

Then Allah asks, "From what thing do they seek my protection?" The angels reply, "They seek protection from the fire." Allah asks, "Have they seen it?" The angels reply, "No."  He says, "What would they have done if they had seen it?"  The angels reply, "Had they seen it, they would have been keener to run away from it and to fear it." 

Then Allah says, "Be my witnesses: I forgive them."  The angels say, "But among them is so and so, a sinner who did not wish to be of them.  He only came to them for a need of his."  Allah says, "I forgive him too.  He who sits with those people cannot be a loser." (Bukhari & Muslim)

Mentioning the name of Allah or finding gatherings where the name of Allah is being mentioned, are gathering of peace and forgiveness.  If we are falling short of the mark, then we should seek out these types of gatherings as Allah will forgive all who are present, even the sinner who has much growing to do.  

This is a source of inspiration and hope for a person with shortcomings and sins.  It is also a source of inspiration for people who are involved in such blessed gatherings, that they go out and share this blessing with those souls that are in pain and are disconnected from Allah, so that perhaps, those lost souls also find peace, tranquility, and guidance, through this blessed gathering that receives Mercy and Forgiveness from their Lord.  

Give back spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Islam has the whole package.  It changes the worst lives into the best ones.  Give this blessed gift to humanity and don't hoard it for yourself. 

May Allah bless you,

AbdurRazzaq Abu Sumayyah Lebron

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