"Back to the Basics"

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Many times converts find themselves in a tough place.  This place is one where they are struggling internally and externally with practicing their faith.  In this Vlog, I discuss the necessity of reinforcing the basics, thereby strengthening the foundation and inner core of your Islamic knowledge and comprehension, so that you are ready to face the challenges that life, will, without a doubt throw at you. 

You are definitely not alone in this journey, but you need to realize where you are in the journey, so that you know how to get to your final destination, paradise.  Look at the question asked by the Beduouin who wanted to make his journey toward paradise.  He asked the Prophet:

"Tell me of a deed that if I do it I will enter paradise?"

The Prophet replied saying:

"Worship Allah alone and do not associate anything with Him.  Pray your five daily prayers that have been prescribed for you.  Pay the compulsory zakah and fast the month of Ramadan."

The Bedouin said, 

"By Allah in whose hands my soul is, I will do that and nothing extra."

The Prophet said to the companions thereafter:

"If anyone of you wants to see a man of paradise, then look at this man."

The bedouin was clear of where he wanted to go.  He asked the right question and received a nice simplified answer that gave him the map and instructions of how to get there.  All he had to do now was follow the guidelines in that map, which was the response of the Prophet (sAws), and he would arrive to that final destination that he was traveling toward, paradise.

My beloved brothers and sisters, this religion is not meant to be difficult.  Earning paradise is not meant to be challenging.  All we have to do is construct the foundation that Allah and His messenger asked us to build within our lives and the outcome will be paradise.  If we work hard, we can achieve!  

May Allah bless you all, 

AbdurRazzaq Abu Sumayyah Lebron 

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