From The Outside Looking In with Zubayr

We are blessed to have the permission of Allah to be able to serve for His sake and making the Centro Islamico a place that people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. The below is a review from a community member, Zubayr, who has seen the growth of IslamInSpanish over the years and is an Islamic studies teacher at an Islamic School and has seen much of what they are going through with in the community.

Judgment, recognizing ones humanity and the muslim community.

Amazing plethora of nationalities that come together for one cause- to improve their worship and relations with their Creator and learn from each other.
The center houses a large beautiful assortment of Islamic history and artifacts when you walk in to the main entrance you can’t help but feel the history and the love. The community surround this center are the most altruistic genuine and strong spirited people I’ve ever met. Islamico / Islam in Spanish is for all walks of life looking for enrichment and worship or just a place to hang out and meditate or read Quran or socialize. 
The center offers training for martial arts classes, daily prayer for the most part, lectures to strengthen ones faith and understanding or to help someone who is just starting on a CONSISTENT basis. I personally have been with Br @mujahid fletcher and @isa parada from the beginning of their journey in keeping this center alive and flourishing. They even offer counseling on appointment or help with marriage prep or nikaah. What sets this center apart on a NATIONAL level is that it is the only community center that has consistent jumah khutbahs in both English and spanish back to back. This is a beautiful historic part of the Muslim American Hegemony and I’m
Proud to say I am a witness to its growth. makes dua and donate and if you can’t then try to volunteer or come in and see what this beautiful centro is really about inshallah

Alex GutierrezComment