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1st Convivencia Potluck at the NEW IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico

We are celebrating our FIRST Convivencia Potluck at the NEW IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico Alhumdulillah!

Estamos celebrando nuestro PRIMER Convivencia Potluck en el NUEVO IslamInspanish Centro Islamico Alhumdulillah (gracias a Allah)!

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It Takes A Village - Discussing Everyday Life Issues with an Islamic Perspective - Family night event at the IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico Temporary Location

Discussions will be led by Jaime “Mujahid” Fletcher and Imam Isa Parada beginning after maghrib (sunset) prayer. Don’t miss out on this first open discussion as it will set the tone for discussions to follow.

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Marriage Revival: Communication to Build Connection with Sadia Jalali

Good Communication is one of the building blocks of a healthy marriage. This workshop will focus on learning better ways to effectively communicate with your spouse. You’ll learn common communication pitfalls and also specific techniques to better understand each other. Good communication enhances the connection between spouses and this is critical in a healthy marriage. With Ramadan around the corner, let’s learn ways to deepen our connection to our families so that we can focus on our connection to Allah.

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