Sister Rosa Accepted Islam at our Temporary Location!

1st SHAHADA at our temporary location!!!

Mashallah we are the only place in the United States that delivers a Khutbah in Spanish every week and today we had the first Jummuah at our temporary location after moving out from our previous rental place just across the parking lot of the original IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico in Houston, Texas.

In our previous space which was more esthetically appealing we witnessed over 160 people accept Islam and we didn’t know how things would play out while we are in transition. When Rosa walked in and brought her family and in laws Mashallah we witnessed Sister Rosa embrace Islam and hundreds of thousands of people watched worldwide via our Facebook live feed and they too welcomed her and her family to Islam.

We continue providing the services, classes, and programs even while being in this temporary location patiently awaiting for our new property to be move in ready. We hope to move into our permanent location by this Ramadan knowing that it was used previously as an industrial building that we hope to build into a leading state-of-the-art Islam Center via our new worldwide campaign Inshallah.


• At minimum an average of 2 people continue to embrace Islam weekly with us

• Communities are made up by the quality of people, not just by the buildings they inhabit.

• ALLAH Loves those actions that are done consistently so continuing to serve with consistency while in transition of a move is very important for us while we eventually move into our new permanent building.