Marriage Revival Series: Commitment to Expectations with Sadia Jalali

Sadia Jalali, MA, LMFT, of Muslim Bliss and IslamInSpanish have partnered to bring you a workshop series for married couples titled "Marriage Revival". This is a 4 part series that will cover different topics such as:

*Effective couple communication

*Common marital issues and solutions (finances, setting healthy boundaries with family, distractions etc)

*Expectations and marital Commitment

*Intimacy, Connection and Love

The first workshop will be titled "Commitment to Expectations" where we'll discuss being committed to your spouse and to your marriage. We'll discuss level setting expectations, when so much is about comparisons these days. With social media and that pressure, it's important to think of your own expectations, understand if they're reasonable, and then deal with your spouse accordingly.

This is an interactive workshop with a guest speaker Imam Isa Parada, who is the Educational Director and Spiritual counselor for IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico. So be ready to engage, learn, and grow.

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