After 12 years, Accepts Islam

Sister Sandra, originally from El Salvador, came across the IslamInSpanish Dawah table one day in a market that was set up by Abu Mujahid Fletcher. She was told a bit about what Islam is in her language, which she found very interesting. This was 12 years ago when she received her first Spanish Quran. 

She had been following the work of IslamInSpanish online and on Facebook recently and found out that we have the Centro Islamico here in Houston. She came to visit us and Subhanallah, she took shahada. Allahu Akbar. 

You never know when that seed of Islam that you plant with in someone will grow to guide that person to Islam. So don’t think that you can never be a person to invite to Islam, it’s all in the way we interact with one another, offer just a small bit of information, and trust in Allah the He will guide them. 


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