IslamInSpanish helped me be a better person

Sr. Sakinah, IslamInSpanish: "Asalamu Alaikum sis!!! Omg your so sweet! JazakAllah Khair for the pastel 🎂 so cute MashaAllah! I hope I can get to it tomorrow before all the guys eat it! Lol.      "Sr. Blanca: "Wa alaikam salam!!  Yeah you know I'm so thankful for the gift IslamInSpanish is to me,  and it's something I will never feel I can show enough gratitude for.  It's a never ending tree of blessings and it s shade is what protects us.  The cake was only a small symbol of all the appreciation that I don't show. May Allah always make the organization as powerful as it is and more.  :) I may not come very often but I sure appreciate it!"


This is why IslamInSpanish does what we do everyday in order impact people and get them closer to Allah. We want to thank all of the people for their support and pray Allah blesses each and everyone's journey toward Jennah, ameen.  

Alex GutierrezComment