Spanish Islamic Programs 


IslamInSpanish provides “culturally-relevant” programs that bring about dialogue and understanding regarding Islam and Muslims between people of different faiths and cultures with a unique niche focus on the fastest growing Latino community embracing Islam in the United States and Latin America.  Our scope includes an array of programs at a local, national, and international realm:

·      Khutbahs (Spanish or English)
·      Open House in Spanish “Islamic Roots in the Latino Culture”
·      Dawah Training “What Your Neighbors Think of You ”
·      Dawah Table Trainings & Material Distribution
·      Multimedia Educational Material Distribution
·      Speaking Engagements at Conventions, Universities, & Public Events


·      1st Latino Islamic Dawah Center in America
·      Spanish Khutbah (1st in the nation)
·      Weekly Spanish Classes (for New Latino Muslims & non-Muslims)
·      Workshops & Personal Development Programs
·      Weekly Public Dawah Tables
·      Monthly Community Potlucks
·      Ramadan Iftar & Eid(s) Carnivals
·      On-going Audio & Television Production & distribution worldwide
·      Latino Media Relations representatives with Univision, Telemundo, BBC

·       Organizing Conventions in Latin America
·       Partners with Al-Azhar in Leadership Education for Latino Students Worldwide
·       Workshops & Personal Development Programs across Latin America
·       Documentary Filmmaking Productions
·       Multimedia Educational Material Distribution
·        Latino Media Relations representatives with International Channels