The Story of IslamInSpanish

IslamInSpanish is an educational non-profit organization that was established out of the need to educate Latinos about Islam in the Spanish language worldwide after the devastating incident of 9/11. It is was founded by Mujahid Fletcher, a Colombian convert to Islam who’s need to share Islam with his father and family led to discover that there was no material in the Spanish language. After his father’s conversion 3 months later, both of them and his recently converted wife all worked together to bring about a balanced understanding of Islam within a culturally relevant manner which lead to the creation of the 1st cd produced entitled “La Religion de la Verdad” (The Religion of Truth) which became the means to his wife’s aunt embracing Islam before her death from Cancer.

The production of that first cd became distributed to to Spanish-speakers worldwide with great success of educating and many even accepting the tenants of Islam as their new way of life. IslamInSpanish original mission was to become the trusted source of Islamic Multimedia resources and products to educate Latinos in the Spanish language worldwide and to date has produced over 500 audio books, 250+ television shows, and carried out 1000s of live events in North and Latin America. As a pioneer and leader it seeks to empower people who will empower their respective communities and bring about a sense of peace and common-good worldwide by clarifying misconceptions of Islam and culturally attaching Latinos to their common Islamic roots historically from Al-Andalus or Andulucia to normalize the notion of Islam to Spanish-speakers while encouraging universal principles of a common human good and diversity.


Why IslamInSpanish was Founded


Siraj Wahhaj as the key speaker speaks about the importance of the non-profit organization "IslamInSpanish" at the organization's 1st ever Ramadan Fundraiser Banquet in Houston, TX on Labor Day - September 7th, 2009 entitled "Reviving a Legacy of Service".


What are we trying to accomplish?

Our hope is to publically share what we as Latino Muslims found in Islam and how it has helped us transform our lives into productive global citizens through the real ups and downs in life that anyone can relate to as a human being. We hope to inspire people to see the world from the universal lens of “The Creator” in order to understand the purpose of life and how we may live out the best of our common human traits towards the common good of humanity.


Our Mission

To inspire, lead and pioneer solutions in educating Latinos and communities about Islam in the Spanish language through media production and grassroots outreach worldwide.


Our Vision

To see lives transformed into productive global citizens collaborating for the common good of humanity.


Our Process

To provide “culturally-relevant” Leadership Development and Community Empowerment by “we” as Latino Muslims telling our story, building strategic partnerships and leveraging technology.


Our Invitation

We invite you to invest your prayers, talents and financial resources with IslamInSpanish to convey the message of Peace, Mercy and God-consciousness to 700 Million Latinos worldwide

IslamInSpanish does not tolerate any illegal or destructive messaging online or offline which incites violence or damage to any individual, organization, country, or government. We follow 501(C)(3) legal status in good standing with the federal laws that govern our day to day activities as we carry out programs and projects toward healthy collaboration between people toward the good of humanity worldwide.