“Reclaiming Our Legacy”

IslamInSpanish Dallas Fundraiser Dinner

Saturday Dec. 8


Imam Zaid Shakir and Mujahid Fletcher along with many other Muslim leaders organize a march on Washington for a Clean DACA ACT.

In these times is when Muslims and Latinos need to support each other and IslamInSpanish is that bridge.


Please Join us for our 2nd Annual IslamInSpanish Dallas Benefit Dinner "Reclaiming Our Legacy" Saturday Dec. 8 ~ 6 - 9PM

Special Guests: Imam Zaid Shakir

Jaime “Mujahid” Fletcher & Sheikh Monzer Talib

Alhumdulillah our Dallas team has been putting in so much work this last year from leading a weekly iftar at the Dallas Central Park with many non-muslims, providing weekly new muslim development classes, working with masajid through out the DFW area to send any new muslims or non muslims who are interested in islam and get material produced by IslamInSpanish to help with their learning process. We have also carried out outreach initiatives in Mexico where we delivered hundreds of meals to Muslims fasting in the month of Ramadan as well as provide Spanish islamic material for them to continue learning Islam and grow their new Muslims community. We have continuously sent out Spanish material to different cities in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica in order to develop dawah efforts and develop new muslims as leaders in their communities. 

"By Allah, if one person is lead to Islam through you, it is better than anything in this world." (Bukhari & Muslim)

So please join us for this benefit dinner to continue sustaining these efforts and developing more material in order to fulfill the need of our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters around the world. The menu will include halal Mexican dishes including enchiladas, fajitas, chicken chipotle and much more!