Welcome to Islam sister Maria

Welcome to Islam. Today in the afternoon our sister Maria embraced Islam. Alhamdulillah the best decision. Subhanallah we plan but Allah is the best of the planners. She was outside waiting for us to open the center because she had already received information about Islam at one of the "street dawah" tables that we put outside the Dallas Art Museum, across from Klyde Warren Park last year in 2017. When she was outside of the IslaminSpanish Dallas Outreach Center, by pure coincidence there was our newly sister Ivy whom she took shahada 3 days before with us at the benefit dinner. This 3 days new sister (Ivy) was also waiting for us to open. Sister Ivy came because she brought her friend (Mayra) to know about Islam and our beautiful community. The 3 met there while waiting for the time to open. After talking for a while, Alhamdulillah Maria embraced Islam. What she had already in her heart she just testified it with her tongue (shahada). This moment was very, very very sentimental not only for her but also for all of us.
This is not a coincidence. AlHadi, Allah swt had already planned it.
When he wants the guidance to somebody, he give it in ways that sometimes we cannot comprehend.
May Allah purify our intentions and keep us always as slaves of His and his deed, using us until our last breath. What a blessing to witness His mercy.