Iftar In The Streets

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Today “Outreach in the Barrio” (a IslamInSpanish humanitarian program) is collaborating with MPower Change for the #IftarInTheStreets project! We will be handing out care packages (as well as other items) to the homeless of downtown Houston, TX after which we will have iftar with them InshaAllah! Please join us today from 7-9:30pm. After all, it’s those in need we are meant to remember while fasting. For more information or to sign up please email volunteer@islaminspanish.org.

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Asalaam Alaikum everyone! The IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico will we having iftar everyday of Ramadan. 
Basic iftar to break the fast (dates, fruit and water)
Full iftar (full meal). 

If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring an one of the two iftar options please contact info@islaminspanish.org or send a private message to any of the admins of this group for more information. May Allah accept all your deeds this Ramdan and always! 🌹
Asalaam Alaikum a todos! El IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico tendremos iftar todos los días de Ramadán.
Iftar básico para romper el ayuno (dátiles, fruta y agua)
Iftar completo (comida completa).

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce está interesado en patrocinar una de las dos opciones de iftar, póngase en contacto con info@islaminspanish.org o envíe un mensaje privado a cualquiera de los administradores de este grupo para obtener más información. ¡Que Allah acepte todas tus obras este Ramdan y siempre! 🌹


During our first class we discussed the many reasons it is important for us to study the Life of Our Beloved Prophet (salalaahu alaihi wa salem).

From those reasons we mentioned were the following...

•That we wanted to learn from His character.
•To learn what was going on during the time the revelation was being revealed.
•To learn how the Prophet dealt with issues of sexism, racism, tribal violence and classism among other things that we are experiencing during our own times.


Additional benefits...
•Learning the difference between a Hadeeth and an Athar.
• Learning the difference between a Prophet/Naby and a Messenger/Rasool.
• How Islam may be the only organized religion in existence that takes rights of worship as we do during Hajj & Umrah by following the way of Hajer Umm Ismaeel.

From the Seerah we began with the beginning of Mecca and a brief history up until the years just before the birth of our Prophet Muhammad (salalaahu alaihi wa salem).

For our next Halaqah we will cover the birth of the Prophet up until the beginning of revelation at age 40.

All brothers are encouraged to study that period of time and join us for our next halaqah on Friday the 24th, 7-8pm back on 48th & Ashland.