Our Partners

IslamInSpanish believes in collaborating for the greater good and strengthening society by offering the best of what we do and taking the best of what individuals, organizations, and institutions do to create something greater than both independent parts. It is through mutually beneficial strategic partnerships that efficient and effective methods are developed to grant access to community-driven educational resources, media production, and grassroots outreach.


Bayyinah TV exists to let the world experience the divine gift by making the Book and its language easy to understand and fun to learn via video. Bayyinah TV will allow you and millions like you all over the world to connect with the Qur’an, Arabic and History. IslamInSpanish and Bayyinah TV will continue to produce multimedia to serve the Muslim community, and the voice of muslims worldwide.


CLEAR LAKE ISLAMIC CENTER is a vibrant community. We love and worship Allah, the Almighty, follow His book, the Quran, and the guidance of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Our conviction is driven by an orthodox approach to Islam and is expressed through our services and programs. We offer spiritual development and youth empowerment programs that are fun and inspiring. We built a family friendly environment that encourages modesty, creativity and community involvement. We are responsive, forward thinking and a environmentally friendly. Welcome to our Masjid!


EPIC is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-lingual, non-sectarian, diverse, and open community committed to full and equal participation and involvement of men and women who are community members of EPIC and subscribe to accept its rules, regulations, and procedures. EPIC is committed to civic and civil engagement with communities of other faiths and society at large. EPIC and IslamInSpanish have partner up to educate the community with social development events, and speaking engagements.


The Islamic Educational Center of North Hudson (NHIEC) was established on August 28, 1992 to represent and serve the interests of the Muslim community in the area, to educate Muslims and Non-Muslims about Islam and to promote friendly relations and understanding between them.
Besides the regular Muslim prayers and holidays events, the Center hosts many social and educational activities for children and adults. NHIEC is also active in community outreach works.


The IACC was established in 1991, In 1997, purchased a 4.59-acre land at Spring Creek/Independence Parkway. IACC raised over 2.0 million to support the construction of a new 12,000 sq. ft. community center. IACC and ISlamInSpanish will continue to serve and support our communities.