National Programs


Community Partnering: Interactive Lectures & Workshops

IslamInSpanish partners with Muslim communities all over the U.S. by sending out our experienced instructors and community leaders to deliver dynamic Khutbahs along with interactive lectures and workshops that offer a unique insight and perspective about the Latino Muslim American experience and beyond.

After a decade of experience the communities visited have been inspired by the amazing stories of our conversion stories, challenges faced after embracing Islam, success and achievements in seeking knowledge, and our niche perspective to dawah and how we carry out our responsibility to educate Latinos and Americans about Islam in a human and universal manner.


Signature Programs In Dallas & New Jersey


IslamInSpanish Signature Open House "Islamic Roots in the Latino Culture" (in Spanish) is taking place in the DFW area, Dallas, at the Islamic Center of Irving, 2555 Esters Rd., Irving, TX 75062, Feb. 22, 2015! Diverse Latino Muslims Converts explaining the roots of their Latino Culture from Muslim Spain.


1) “Islamic Roots in the Latino Culture” (Open House in Spanish)

This is a visual interactive presentation that takes Latinos through a journey about their ancestors in ancient Muslim Spain to uncover our Latino roots found within Islamic principles. The duration is between 1 to 1.5 hours and focuses on educating attendees who are not Muslim about the Spanish language and manners rooted within the Latino Muslim Roots from Al Andalus (Muslim Spain) between the year 711 - 1492 when Muslims ruled Spain and lived in the peace and prosperity along with Jews and Christians. Latinos are usually amazed to find out that over 3000 Spanish words come from the Arabic language and that many of the historic cities in Latin America are built with the same designs built by Muslims in the early ages of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula around Portugal and Spain. The concept of God in Islam ALLAH and His universal perfect names and attributes, the last messenger sent to mankind “Muhammad”, and the Arabic explanation of the word “Islam” are all shared in a culturally relevant context by Latino Muslims to overcome misconceptions and false notions attributed to Islam in an open dialogue environment where many Latinos actually choose to accept Islam as their new way of life.


2) “What Your Neighbors Think About You & Why?” (English Dawah Workshop)

This interactive workshop begins by clarifying and defying our divine God-given duty to educate people about Islam in the best of ways. Many Muslims living in America lack the ability to convey Islam due to many different reasons and our qualified and diverse team of educators role play scenarios where tips and insights are shared with communities in the English language to demonstrate how to be effective citizens who educate others about Islam. Our neighbors are wondering who we are, what we believe in, and how we live out our lives and we have to do a better job understanding what our neighbors think or us and why. This presentation explains point by point by our neighbors may think of us in certain ways and how to overcome these obstacles to effectively communicate with those living in this society in a constructive manner which not only with benefit Muslims in this generation but for generations to come.


Community Empowerment


Consulting, Mentoring, & Leadership Development

We have developed a community development program to assist communities who wish to have a Latino Representative at their respective Islamic centers. This leadership program is designed in a way that our experienced leaders and instructors can advise masjid boards and committees about how to engage the Latino community while empowering and mentoring their own Latino representative in-house their dawah outreach. For many years we have been asked to come to masajid and carry out educating Latinos about Islam and our concern is always at the point of our departure when we ask ourselves who will carry out the work when we’re gone. This program is designed to establish a lasting impact in local communities across the United States without having to re-invent the wheel.

We have decades of combined experience at IslamInSpanish that we would like to impact the lives of others in distant localities based on models we have developed and proved to work over the years.

Come for a special sensitivity training/dawah workshop led by the IslamInSpanish team, covering how non-Muslims perceive us and their corresponding view of Islam and Muslims. Attendees will learn the best ways to present Islam to non-Muslims and how to avoid common mistakes and approaches in speaking to non-Muslims about Islam.


University & Civic Speaking Engagements

Our sought out leadership team is often requested to speak to National Conventions such as ICNA, MAS, ISNA, Texas Dawah Convention, and others throughout the U.S. We also team up with national MSAs to speak at Islamic Awareness weeks and other occasions in Universities and other Civic Engagement opportunities. Usually we come prepared to set up our dawah table with audio and video material to distribute to educate Latinos about Islam and often film to document our talks and visits or deliver interviews to media outlets as requested. We view public speaking as a way to share with others the good that we have found after embracing Islam and are usually the only Latino Muslims on the panel or first converts to interact at a general American community level. We have spoken in prestigious universities such as Harvard, University of Texas, Rutgers, and many others. We have also been asked to speak at civic level through churches, synagogues, and other public places.