Islamic faith finds a fertile home in the Latin American community

PRI (Public Radio International)

By Jason Margolis · Dec 23, 2013

Growing up was rough for Jaime Fletcher in Houston. He moved from Colombia to Texas when he was 8. In high school, kids splintered off into ethnic gangs. One day, he says an African-American gang leader attacked him.

“And so I just fought back, and because I beat him, beat up the gang leader, by default, they thought it was another gang. And I was the leader,” Fletcher recalls.  


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El telepredicador del islam en español

El Mundo

Amanda Figueras | Madrid

Actualizado domingo 16/12/2012 03:38 horas

Con su suave tono de voz y su discurso articulado es capaz de embelesar a enormes auditorios. Muhammad Isa García nació en Argentina y vive en Colombia pero es conocido mucho más allá como uno de los eruditos en el islam -suní- del mundo hispanohablante. Ha traducido del árabe innumerables textos relacionados con la religión y acaba de ser reconocido como uno de los 500 musulmanes más influyentes.

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Houston's Hispanic imam bridges cultures

Houston Chronicle

By Ken Chitwood · Jul 5, 2012

Growing up in New York and Houston, Isa Parada was always part of a vibrant faith community. An altar boy in his family's Roman Catholic parish, his family regularly prayed and read Scripture together. Today it is no different for Parada, save for one thing: He is now a Muslim imam.
A convert since 1996, Parada is fluent in Arabic and was educated in Muslim theology in Saudi Arabia. With family roots in El Salvador, Parada is part of a growing number of Hispanic converts to Islam.

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Gang member reforms after converting to Islam

A former Latino gang member told a story to a group of UH students Tuesday of how converting to Islam saved his life, and he described why Latinos are more likely to convert to Islam.

As part of Islam Awareness Week, the Muslim Student Association welcomed Mujahid Fletcher, who moved to Houston from Colombia at age 8.

Starting in middle school, Fletcher led a troublesome life after he began his own gang based on self-defense.

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A New Faith Changes One Man

Mujahid Fletcher runs a Houston-based nonprofit called IslamInSpanish that produces a Web site, DVDs, and a radio program designed to educate the small but growing number of Latino Muslims. Fletcher sees the organization as a tool to counteract some of the misconceptions about Islam that he initially encountered among his own friends and relatives.

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