Leadership Evolution

2 Day Program


We are very excited to bring you a unique, diverse and impactful program for our 2nd National Latino Muslim Convention. Where we will be going over leadership principles taught by John C. Maxwell certified global leaders and lessons from our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from a diverse group of scholars and students of knowledge from Latin America and other areas of the world. We hope that after you experience this never before done convention that will have you discuss and learn to apply these examples in your day to day lives so that you can become a change leader beginning in your homes, communities and inshallah society. 


Day 1 - Saturday Dec. 30

Opening Session | Sesión de Apertura: Leadership Evolution | Evolución de Liderazgo  

Adnan Jalali & Mujahid Fletcher | 10:00AM-10:15AM

Session 1 | Why I answered the call?         

Jalil Navarro, Erika Perez-Negron, Alejandro Perez, Diana Cruz | 10:15-11:05

Why did the prophet assume the responsibility of leadership despite not wanting to or being ready?  We will begin the conference by discussing WHY. The presenters and audience members will share their WHY’s and their stories of getting involved in social and dawah work.

Session 2 | The Sunnah of Leadership

Mujahid Fletcher & Sh. Ibrahim Dremali | 11:15AM-12:15PM

This is a heart-warming talk on the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad salallahu alyahi wasalam. What was his leadership example and how has that impacted us as modern day Muslim leaders?

Session 3 | Living the legacy of Leadership  

Adnan Jalali -   Ghulam Kehar & Sr. Diana Cruz & Imam Isa Parada & Imam Khalis Rashad | 2:30-3:55

In this workshop, we will share successful case studies of leadership in action. Leaders from Amaanah Refugee Services, Centro Islamico de IslamInSpanish, Ibrahim Islamic Center and will be discussing their journeys in leading and developing successful organizations.

Session 4 | Viviendo el legado de liderazgo Part 1 (Spanish)   

Imam AbdurRahman Vega (Moderator) -  Sh. Reymundo Nour & Abu Mujahid Fletcher, Sr. Hazel Gomez | 4:15 - 5:25

En este taller, compartiremos estudios de casos exitosos de liderazgo en acción. Diferentes Líderes discutirán sus viajes para liderar y desarrollar organizaciones exitosas o participando en organizaciones exitosas.

Session 5 | Where do we stand? The Latino American Muslim Community  

Alex Gutierrez | 5:55-7:05

This is an interactive session discussing the current situation of the Latino American Muslim community. Questions will be discussed such as:

  • In what way should latino muslims interact with the broader Muslim community?

  • In what ways can the latino muslims play leadership roles in the larger muslim community? In the larger Latino community? In the larger American community?

Attendees will also be participating in a SWOT analysis of the Latino American Muslim community.   

Entertainment Session | Freedom of expression - 8:30-10:00


Day 2 - Sunday Dec. 31

Opening Session | Sesión de Apertura:

Leadership: The Hidden Seeds | Liderazgo: Las Semillas Escondidas  

Jalil Navarro, Erika Perez-Negron, Alejandro Perez, Diana Cruz  |10:00-10:15

Session 1 - Our greatest investment |

Adnan Jalali & Mujahid Fletcher | 10:15-11:05

An interactive workshop centered around the idea that: “The world doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you who you are”. Part presentation, part reflection and part discussion, the workshop is all about the importance of investing in our personal development.  

Session 2 | Leading in a pluralistic society: Lessons from Al Andalus  

Dr. Craig Consindine | 11:20-12:20

A fascinating dive into one of the most successful pluralistic societies in the history of mankind. What can we learn from the success of al-Andalus and apply to our current context?

Session 3 | Raising the next Generation of Leaders: Marriage

Mujahid Fletcher & Sh. Yaser Birjaz  2:25-3:05

What do we need to do as parents in order to raise the next generation of leaders? This question, amongst many others will be discussed with those well versed in the topic.  

Session 4 | Raising the next Generation of Leaders: Parents

Sakinah Gutierrez & Haleh Banani 3:15-3:55

What do we need to do as parents in order to raise the next generation of leaders? This question, amongst many others will be discussed amongst a group of panelists well versed in the topic.  

Session 5 | Criando la próxima generación de líderes (Spanish)

Hazel Gomez & Sh. AbdulKhabeer Muhammad & Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez | 4:15-5:25

¿Qué tenemos que hacer como padres para criar a la próxima generación de líderes? Esta pregunta, entre muchas otras, se discutirá entre un grupo de panelistas bien versados n el tema.

Session 6 (TDC HALL) | Shoestring Minority Power: a Unique Case Study

Mujahid Fletcher & Imam Isa Parada | 6:00-6:25

Session 7 | Where Do We Go From Here? 6:30-7:30

We'll get all of you involved in deciding how we move forward as leaders in society as a finalization of Leadership Evolution. 

Entertainment Session |    GenerAction JAM  | 8:30-10:00