Jaime "Mujahid" Fletcher

Is originally from Colombia, South America and grew up in Houston since age 8. He is an Entrepreneur, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, International Public Speaker, Multimedia and Film Honors Graduate of the Art Institute of Houston and founder of the global leading Non-Profit Organization IslamInSpanish. He has obtained specialized certifications in Filmmaking from Hollywood’s Screenwriting Doctor Robert McKee and has invited and accepted into Harvard University’s HIVE Global Leaders Network program in Boston. He is a media analyst on Univision, Telemundo, CNN in Spanish, and others. He is one of the few Latino Muslims to accept Islam in the U.S. just months before September 11th. He then studied the Arabic language and Quranic studies in Cairo, Egypt’s Fajr Institute and has learned classical Islamic texts from diverse national and international notable scholars. His most recent accomplishment is opening the 1st IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico in the U.S. a year ago where over 50 people have embraced Islam after experiencing a new standard welcoming, diverse, and inclusive vibrant community striving to normalize the image of Islam in America.

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"Journey to Islam: Latino Muslims Share Their Story" by Br. Mujahid Fletcher & Br. Isa Parada on Jan. 15, 2010 at IIOC. Please share with all the youth.

Imam Isa Parada

Born in New York and raised in Houston, Isa Parada was an altar boy at his family’s Roman Catholic parish and after converting to Islam he went on to graduate from Madina University from the faculty of theology and is now an Imam.

His family roots from El Salvador allow him to effectively educate Latinos about Islam as one of our IslamInSpanish instructors locally and nationally while serving as a bridge between the general Muslim community and Latinos. He has played a unique role in developing educational programming as an instructor as well as a community counselor.

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