International Educational Partnerships

IslamInSpanish has partners with world renowned institutions such as Al Azhar in Cairo, Egypt to sponsor Islamic leadership curriculums that assure Latinos have a clear and productive foundation to build their believe system.


Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan Interviews Mujahid Fletcher Founder of IslamInSpanish ( a non-profit organization specialized in producing Multimedia Audio and Video in the Spanish language to educate Latinos about Islam worldwide.


We at IslamInSpanish believe that if someone has the ability to learn the Arabic language and teaching based on peace and mercy from people of knowledge in universities at an international level they may need to be referred by IslamInSpanish as a reputable resource. Many universities have offered IslamInSpanish the opportunities for student sponsorships or educational travel to educate leaders who may be able to lead a community in a manner that is healthy for society and the well-being of a balanced community.