Special Events

IslamInSpanish Benefit Dinner

Saturday April 13, 2019 ~ 6-10pm

Wise Learning & Sports

8800 W Sam Houston Pkwy S #107, Houston, TX 77099

Join us as we celebrate over 15 years of service and a New exciting milestone in our organization. We are purchasing and establishing the Only Latino Led Islamic Center in the U.S. Not only do we get to build a house of Allah but we are also connecting with millions across the globe with our outreach efforts and media production. Details of the program are to follow.

We will have:

- Live Testimonials from New Muslims

- Halal Latino Food

- New Video Productions for International Dawah Efforts

- New Centro Islamico Project Scope presentation

- Esteemed Guest Speakers

- Sports activities for the youth

- Much More...


Reality Check: Finesse in Romance, The Prophetic Guide to Marital Intimacy

With Imam Isa Parada - For Brothers ages 21+

Thursday February 14, 2019 ~ 7:30pm

Brothers (single or newlyweds preferred) please Join us tonight at 7:30pm for a discussion on how brothers can look at the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the manners of intimacy, being romantic and exploring one's sexuality w/your wife.

This will be a mature and open discussion with Imam Isa Parada for brothers ages 21 and up.


What Can Islam Do For Me Today?

Friday February 15, 2019 ~ 7:45-9pm

Join us as we bring a panel of special guest speakers including Imam Isa Parada and Jaime “Mujahid” Fletcher to discuss how Islam can benefit not only is as Muslims but society in general. We’ll look at a special case to study and analyze how practical Islam can be in our everyday lives. Don’t miss out! Friday Feb. 15 7:45 at Masjid As-Sabireen in Houston, TX - Dinner will be Served


Practical Life Learning for Kids

Sunday February 17 ~ 12:45pm

Bring out your kids for an afternoon of fun! This Sunday Feb. 17 at 12:45 we’re going to have “Practical Life Learning” for kids ages 10+. We have NASA intern, Yousif, coming to teach about computer coding for web and robotics plus brother Rafe, an Engineer Professor, do a science experiment involving making a volcano. You don’t want to miss it! #science #STEM #practicallife #kids #billnye #coding #experiment #volcano #latinomuslims #convivencia #andalucia #islaminspanish

Marriage Revival Series: Commitment to Expectations

Saturday February 23, 2019 ~ 1pm-3pm

Sadia Jalali, MA, LMFT, of Muslim Bliss and IslamInSpanish have partnered to bring you a workshop series for married couples titled "Marriage Revival". This is a 4 part series that will cover different topics such as:

*Effective couple communication 

*Common marital issues and solutions (finances, setting healthy boundaries with family, distractions etc)

*Expectations and marital Commitment

*Intimacy, Connection and Love

The first workshop will be titled "Commitment to Expectations" where we'll discuss being committed to your spouse and to your marriage. We'll discuss level setting expectations, when so much is about comparisons these days. With social media and that pressure, it's important to think of your own expectations, understand if they're reasonable, and then deal with your spouse accordingly.

This is an interactive workshop with a guest speaker Imam Isa Parada, who is the Educational Director and Spiritual counselor for IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico. So be ready to engage, learn, and grow.

If you have any questions please contact info@islaminspanish.org

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Crowns of Modesty: Sisterhood Mixer & Potluck

Saturday Feb. 23 ~ 4:30pm

IslamInSpanish Sisters are bringing together Sisters from Ibrahim Islamic Center and from American Muslim Women’s Circle for a “Sisterhood Mixer & Potluck” Celebrating the Beautiful Diversity of our Ummah!

We hope you will join us! 🌹


In Proximity to Muhammad

A study of the attributes & lifestyle of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

With Sheikh Abdul Rahman Chao

Weekly Course: Fridays 7:30 - 8:45pm

Based on Imam Tirmidhi's book of critical acclaim, "Al-Shamail al-Muhammadia," (The Muhammadan Appearances), this weekly class will explore the life of the Prophet ﷺ with specific focus on his physical attributes, noble character and lifestyle. Organized as a series, this class will cover the hadiths collected by Imam al-Tirmdhi along with its relevant commentary. This class is suitable for all ages and anyone to attend. A certificate of completion will be given for consistent attendees with perfect attendance.

Instructor: Abdul Rahman Chao is a Houston based educator and speaker and Halal Chinese food enthusiast. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Theology from the University of Medina and a Masters in Christian Theology from Vanderbilt University Divinty School . He works in the oil and gas industry and enjoys travelling.

Monthly Events


Tiaras of Modesty

1st Saturday of the Month beginning Nov. 3 ~ 2 - 5pm

a new program for young girls ages 11-17 that will introduce the concept of values, sisterhood, and self identity in Islam while giving the girls the opportunity to interact and learn from one another in a creative way.


Senior Sisters Program

2nd Saturday of the month 12:30 - 3:30pm

This program is for our senior sisters 65+ and disabled sisters 55+. We provide our aunties in the community a space to gather and have activities of arts and crafts, exercise, and sisterhood led by sister Fadwa Dakour.


Crowns of Modesty: A Sisters Support Group and Social

3rd Saturday of the Month ~ 4:30 - 7pm

Asalaam Alaikum sisters! Please join us the 3rd Saturday of every month from 4:30pm-7:00pm and bring a snack to share if you can. We gather once a month at the IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico to support each other on our journey through Islam in a relaxed, safe space environment as we review books, have guest speakers, share experiences and food! InshaAllah