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We aim to make our events and programs affordable to everyone through the support of sponsors, donors, and supporters that contribute to our global cause of educating Latinos about Islam worldwide.

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There is pressing need to educate Latinos about Islam in North, Central, and South America since Spanish-Speakers make up an uninformed multitude of 700 million worldwide. Your ongoing contribution ensures us the ability to continually deliver an educational and enriching experience for our community and society.  We as Latino Muslims are not from a specific Muslim country so our family of supporters come from the U.S. Muslim’s community.

Become maintainers and sustainers towards the future as we focus on Quality verus Quantity; to give the best of what you and we can mutually contribute towards our financial, time, and moral support. Our unique projects include media production and mainstream outreach in need of a global community’s support since we are reaching people who are either unaware of Islam or have recently embraced Islam as Latinos worldwide.

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Who Is This For?

The resources produced by IslamInSpanish are for Latino Muslim and Non-Muslims at different levels in a balanced-non-preachy approach towards understanding man’s true purpose in this life and balance that will lead to peace and benefit in this life and the hereafter. 

IslamInSpanish is led and operated by Latino new-Muslims who believe that they are the most culturally-relevant people to take the message back to their people in order to educate them about Islam in their native Spanish language.Individuals, organizations, and institutions are encouraged to partner in order to produce material ongoing to continue telling our unique story.


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