Weekly Classes


Learn Spanish

9:00am - 10:20am on Sundays


This weekly class is fun and very interactive. The model is to learn by doing. You will be taught vocabulary and phrases in order to carry a simple conversation with a spanish speaker. This class will not be learning the ABCs but more about learning how to conversate. You will have fun learning spanish with a diverse group of students from different parts of the world.  *this class is $30 per student on a monthly basis. All ages are welcomed. 

Tai Kwon do (sisters only) - Sundays 3-4pm


We believe in giving sisters a sense of confidence and empowerment in the community and what ever their position is in society, what better way than to kick that attitude into gear. *this class is $40 per student on a monthly basis. Ages 6 and up are welcome. 

Teen Talk - Fridays 6-7:30pm


Teen talk is a safe, open space for sisters ages 13-19 years old where they can speak with sister Sarah Sultan who is a certified counselor and youth mentor in the Houston community. This program is all about the youth and how to overcome their daily challenges in an environment where others may also be going through similar situations and the discussion is guided by a specialists that can not only give them the Islamic solutions but also the confidence to handle any scenario. 

Learn Arabic - Sundays at 7:30-9am


This class is for students that have basic reading skills and are able to put the arabic letters together and are now ready to move into the more in depth curriculum that we cover that is based on the university of Medina. Imam Isa Parada is a graduate of the University of Medina and has taught this class for the past 10 years. *the class is $25 a student on a monthly basis.