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Pre-Ramadan Umrah trip from May 4th - 13th

Brothers and Sisters,

We, Ustadth Abu Sumayyah Lebron and Imam Basel are having a pre-Ramadan Umrah trip from May 4th - 13th (8 nights). This trip will be offered in three languages; ENLGISH, SPANISH, & ARABIC. 

Join us and BOOST your IMAN in preparation for Ramadan! It is a trip you don't want to miss!

Imam Basel and Ustadth Abu Sumayyah Lebron will be the spiritual guides throughout this beautiful journey. 

It will be filled with beautiful recitation of the Quran, heart moving reminders, Iman boosting stories based on the seerah of the Prophet and his companions, and insha Allah tear jerking moments that will bring you closer to Allah and His Messenger. 

Together we will walk in the blessed footsteps of the Prophet and his companions, thereby experiencing and appreciating the efforts they made and sacrificed so that Islam would reach us today!

A trip such as this one during these trying times, is something that heart, mind, and soul is in need of. 

A time to forget about the world and focus on Allah! A time to reconnect with our creator! A time to increase our love for Allah and His Messenger! A time to prepare for the great month of Ramadan and there is nowhere better for this preparation!

Born Muslims, Converts, Latinos, all are welcome.