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The Path of the New Muslim

  • IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico 6200 South Texas 6 suite 101 Houston, TX, 77083 United States (map)

*Registration & attendance required to receive text book "The New Mulsim Guide", & Certificate of Accomplishment.

This class is going to be every Sunday from 11 am to 12 pm for new Muslims wanting to have a learning path to practice their new way of life and to communicate with their family about why they made this decision. We will have a curriculum and books will be provided.


• The ultimate purpose for this course is the attainment of the pleasure of Allah, by seeking the sacred knowledge of the religion, which will help the student worship Him according to His will.

• The course is designed to provide the student with evidence based knowledge, with a focus on proofs from the Quran and Sunnah, to enable him in relating to the sources of Islamic knowledge and in developing respect and reverence for them. This is also to develop future teachers to educate new Muslims and Non Muslims


• Below you will find a week-to-week break down of our course material. Students are required to read all the pages assigned prior to commencing the next theme for the week. Please bring your book every week.

3/5/17 Introduction to the course: What is the greatest blessing?

3/12/17 Islam : A Universal Religion?

3/19/17 How do we get to know the norms of Islam?

3/26/17 What Are The Five Basic Needs?

4/2/17 What are the blessings in studying Islam?

4/9/17 What is the meaning of Purification?

4/16/17 What are the manners of performing ablution?

4/23/17 How to perform prayer?

4/30/17 How to perform prayer? Pt2

5/7/17 What is fasting?

5/14/17 What breaks your fast?

5/21/17 What is EId AlFitr?