The Life of the Prophet through the eyes of the Companions

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Every Wednesday at the Centro Islamico in Houston, TX

Please join us to learn about the Life of the Prophet (pbuh)  through the experiences and lives of the companions. The class will be in English and taught by a Sheikh from Madinah University.

The intent is learning about our predecessors for our community is to understand the character and behavior of how Islam is lived out on a day to day bases by understanding the lifestyle of our beloved Prophet (SAW) in shaa Allah. 

When only theory of our Deen comes to a new people into islam their ways of jahijyah (prior to Islam) get mixed with their new found faith and the baggage begins to slow down their development in getting closer to Allah. The way to smooth out egos, bad habits, any other way not pleasing to Allah is by learning about the Prophet (SAW) and the people who learned from Him that Allah addressed as "Believers" in the Qu'ran. 

This is some of the background discussion that we've had in leading up to this series of the Seerah (Life of the Prophet SAW) in order that as individuals building a new community we can internalize the information provided into a new community that embodies the prophetic character, traits and characteristics of the Messengers and Believers so we may get closer to Allah by practically implementing this Deen in our society today while keeping our respective culture as a people. 

Join us every Wednesday 7:30pm at the Centro Islamico In shaa Allah

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